Poems of Dana Catona

Dana Catona/artist danacatona.blogspot.com small shoes I haven’t left my city in a long time I walk its streets every evening In the summer Wearing the strapped sandals In the autumn the worn shoes I won’t part with In spring the black rubber shoes In winter I put on the boots with the long laces The … More Poems of Dana Catona

Aspazia Otel Petrescu

Post/Photo by Linda-Saskia Menczel /artist/www.saskia.ro Aspazia Otel Petrescu – 14 years in the communist prison, a lifetime of faith and grace „I was in shackles, incapable of defending myself against the rats. I could have remained so or chosen to turn informer for the secret service (Securitate). I chose the path of prayer.” Aspazia Otel … More Aspazia Otel Petrescu


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